Zhem, the south wind, was driven from his home in Buyan by his three brothers, for his unrelenting and destructive nature. In the time before man, Zhem blew his fury accross the earth, bringing with him shifts in land, huge pillars of ice and snow, and destructive winds. He became the first dragon of Europe, taking a young human woman as his mate. From her womb dragons tore forth.
But his progeny contained the taint that was upon his soul, and the human need to collect. His children tore into him and stole his wealth, power, and body. So he fled accross the ocean, leveling civilizations and leaking power as he went. Waters rose and flooded. Lands sank and were forgotten.
On the continent of Mu, he found a new home. He became the god the people were looking for and taught them science and magic, granting them use of the power he still held. He then prepared them for war.
At the same time, across a small sea, Ryojin, Zhem’s eldest son, who had allied himself with Japan’s Empirical line, saw the threat that these people and their god posed. He gave himself to lock this false god away. The world shrank to accomodate his magic, locking the beast and his empire deep in the core, near what is now known as the San Andreas Fault. After the battle, Ryojin and his line also disapeared. His essence feuls the prison. But the prison is breaking, and things of lore, things meant to be locked away, are starting to show.

PBP Dresden

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