Edge of Darkness

Demon Possessed Jian

weapon (melee)

[-3] Edge of Darkness
- It is what it is: A masterwork Jian (Weapon 3)
- Unbreakable May only be destroyed by perverting the sword’s purpose and unleashing the Gui Chi.
- Demon Bane Satisfies the Catch for most demons.
- 2 IoP rebate It’s large and hard to hide, YS 167.
- [-1] Spirit Drinker As Blood Drinker but only affects creatures with no true ‘physical’ form, YS 188.
- 1 Feeding Dependency Found on YS 190.
- [-5] Modular Abilities Found on YS 177.
3 form points. Current Power Options: Supernatural Sense: Demons -1, Cloak of Darkness -1, Venomous -2, Inhuman Strength -2, Echoes of the Beast -1, Inhuman Speed -2, Spiderwalk -1


Demons plagued ancient china, none more dangerous than that Gui Chi, Ghost Eaters. The Ghost Eaters would hunt and eat other demons adding their power and abilities to their own. The Ghost Eaters could become like gods themselves if ate enough demons. An ancient Chinese swordsmith created a handful of demon bane swords, swords that trapped a Ghost Eater inside of it and harnessed the power in order to combat other demons and keep the people of the land safe.
The swords worked well, and the heroes chosen to use them sought out and killed many of the foul creatures. Except with each kill the Ghost Eater bound within the blade grew stronger, and more able to influence their wielders. Some demons tricked their wielders into freeing them and others corrupted the former champions, turning them into raging savages. Not all heroes fell however; a couple absorbed the demon into them and committed suicide, forever freeing China from the creature. One in particular merged with the demon and became spirit, but remained true to the code of Xia. This man was Zhong Kui… the Judge of Hell. His image is painted or etched into buildings and fences to ward off demons and evil spirits.
The swordsmith knew that the blades were as dangerous as they were powerful, so he locked the final blades away without ever being used. At least in this way they could keep a Ghost Eater trapped, and unable to harm the people of China. Hēi’àn de biānyuán… The Edge of Darkness… is one of these final blades. One that has been kept safe and hidden for over a thousand years, never consuming a demon until this last year.

Edge of Darkness

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