Yuudai Hayashi

Dragons are mostly Benevolent creatures that bring luck and fortune. They rule over the rains and seas.


High Concept: Happy Go Lucky Fledgling Storm Dragon
Trouble: Growing Pains
Other Aspects: First World Problems; Wisdom of the past; Instrument of Kharma; I’m not a sidekick!; Obligated Dragon


Dragon Form Human Form
+4 Endurance +4 Resources
+3 Fists, Conviction +3 Conviction, Scholarship
+2 Athletics, Stealth, scholarship +2 Stealth, Empathy, Rapport
+1 Discipline, Awareness, Lore, Might +1 Discipline, Deceit, Lore, Presence
M: 0000 M: 0000
S: 00 S: 000
P: 0000 (00) Armour 1. Catch: Flowing silk P: 00


-1 Lush Life-Style
Your wealth is well-established and robust, making you the man or woman who has everything. Normally, someone may be
assumed to have an item that costs two steps less than his Resources without having to seek it out and buy it, assuming that it makes sense for him to have attained it previously.
In your case, it’s any item equal to or less than your Resources.


-2 Inhuman recovery
-1 Echoes of the Beast
Beast sense tremorsense: able to feel vibrations and changes in air-pressure
Beast Trappings See in any weather: no penalties to see in fog, heavy rain, snow-fall etc…
-1 Beast Form
+1 Human Form, affecting:
-2 Inhuman toughness
+3 Catch: Silk
-2 Channeling, Air (Breath Weapon)

Foci: +2 discipline for weapon 3 ranged attack (black dragon scale)
Enchanted Item: Block 2 vs physical attacks 1/day small

Total Refresh: 5
Remaining Refresh: 1

High Concept: Happy Go Lucky Fledgling Dragon

Invoke: Good Luck, creating weather, shirking off negative vibes/kharma, a shoulder to cry on
Compel: Young, making mistakes, go outside and play in the rain, Do dragon stuff, Aversion to Silk

Trouble: Growing Pains

Invoke: Any time looking or being young and harmless would be a benefit. Helping any actions that involve dumb teenage antics
Compel: Anything that a typical teenage OR young dragon has to deal with/ being young and inexperienced, in general: People telling him what to do, the lack of respect, screwing up seemingly easy tasks (like my breath weapon).

Background: First World Problems

When Yuudai woke up that morning, he felt refreshed and alive, like it was his First Day. He made his way out of his four-post, King sized bed and across his massive room. On his oak dresser was a pass-port and papers, U.S and Japanese citizenships. He looked at the birth certificate lying there. It said he was 14 years old. It was strange because Yuudai didn’t remember being any younger than 14. In fact, he didn’t remember anything beyond this morning. He got dressed and made his way down the long hallway, past a woman vaccuming the rug. Not knowing exactly where to go, he found his way to the kitchen, where the chef was making his breakfast.

“Good morning, Master Hayashi, your breakfast will be ready soon. If you would like to go to the dining room, Mr. Dalton is waiting to discuss your week”

Yuudai nodded and walked in to the richly appointed Dining Hall. At the end of a long table sat a well-dressed man. He stood up and introduced himself, “Yuudai, I am Marshal Dalton. I’d like to go over your current finances, as well as your schedualled activities for the week…”

Invoke: To buy stuff, have money on hand, bypass a problem using resourses.
Compel: Mundane annoyances like cell phone batteries dying; Having to do school work; missing out/being late for the action because of home. Home stuff revolving around the people he deals with.

Rising Conflict: Wisdom of the past

For Yuudai’s 16th birthday, Marshal brought him a box. The box came with instructions of a meditation. It claimed that if one could successfully meditate on the box, it would open. Yuudai tried a couple times, but it was hard so he put the box away. Some weeks later, prompted by complete boredom, Yuudai tried the box again and successfully opened it. In it were old scrolls. Written on the scrolls were subjects that he could hardly understand. There was also more meditative techniques. Among the papers was a single black pendant shaped like a lizard scale. It was only a matter of time before he learned of his true form. Now there were so many more questions about his past…
Invoke: To find out answers about stuff. To appear wise like a dragon etc..
Com*pel:* Things from his past coming to light, causing grief. To seek out things in his past…go looking in places where maybe he shouldn’t.

First Adventure:
Starring in A Cold and Foggy Night with Marlo and Ting.
Aspect: “Instrument of Kharma”

Yuudai, although sheltered, had managed to make some friends. One friend, Carter, liked to get into trouble. That trouble cost Carter his life when he became addicted to Red Court Venom. Yuudai didn’t have many friends outside of his house and decided to track down the dealer that sold the drug. He wanted to stop the dealer from ruining anyone elses life. Unfortunately, Yuudai didn’t know how to find the man, so he found a parchment that, he beleived, contained a ritual divination that would give him information he needed. Instead, it summoned a Pixie named Marlo Malone. Not knowing how to proceed, he hired Marlo to find the dealer. A few days later, Marlo came back with the details. The dealers name was Mark and he’d provided an address. Yuudai paid Marlo an extra-large pizza plus expenses and made his way to confront Mark.

Yuudai followed Mark through the streets waiting for an opportunity to pounce but he ducked in to a bar. Yuudai wanted to follow and tried to look natural – like he belonged in a bar at 1am. He walked up to the bouncer,

“Beat it shrimp! Your bed-time was 6 hours ago!”

Yuudai wouldn’t back down and as he argued with the bouncer a man looking like Mark exited the bar. A fight between them almost broke out before Marlo appeared and set them straight. The other man was not Mark, it was Ting Lao, an aquaintance of Marlo’s. The drug dealer had cast an illusion on both Ting and Yuudai making them look like Mark. The three of them set out to find Mark who was a rival Monk that Ting had been hunting. It was kharma that brought the three together because it was only by their combined efforts that they were able to defeat the evil Monk and his Red Court Masters.

Invoke: Anything to help punish cruelty. Fortuitous arrivals/coincidences. Good luck. Stick-to-it-ness for until things come full circle/get resolved
Compel: To reward wisdom and kindness, to make lessons of those who are cruel or ignorant. Bad luck.

Guest starring
Bright Lights, Dark Nights Starring : Jimmy Wu; Guest Starring: Yuudai & Jack
Aspect: I’m not a sidekick!

While on the set of Fusion Fist 2, the Co-Star Vincent Yang gets kidnapped and Jimmy Wu is the only one who can save him. But can he succeed when pitted against studio execs and their thuggish security guards, a Chinese gang known as the Shadow Tigers, real life demons made flesh and bone, and an ancient sword of untold power?

Finding out that Fusion Fist 2 is being filmed in San Fran, Yuudai manages to get a part as an extra in hopes to meet his Hero, Jimmy Wu. When Jimmy’s Co-star gets kidnapped, Yuudai offers to front the cash for the randsom with the condition that he gets to tag along for the exchange….

Invoke: When needing to prove himself! Saving face, Going against the odds, knowledge of pop-culture
Compel: To do things that are probably beyond him. Brag/Talk himself into a corner. Goaded into doing stuff. Not getting older pop-culture references

Guest Starring
Tengu Trouble: starring: Mashiro; Guest starring :Jack and Yuudai
Aspect: Obligated Dragon

It started as a good night.

I was lying naked on the beach, letting the rain pour down on me, lightning was flashing through the sky and thunder was crashing with powerful winds blowing the trees sideways and the waves coming off the ocean were at least 25 feet high. I’d been able to feel it coming on for days; this would probably be the biggest storm of the year, and I wanted to enjoy it. Then there was a huge crack of thunder and all the lights on the block went out. When the generator kicked in, the security alarm went off. Crap. Stupid alarm always does this.

So I got up and made my way to the house, almost slipping on the marble floor as I went in. The system showed an intruder in sector 4: the basement. Weird. No problem, that’s where the main pannel is anyways. I grabbed a flash-light and as I made my way down, I heard voices. Now I was worried; there wasn’t supposed to be anyone home. I quickly Went Dragon and let the emergency lights show the way. As I poked my head through the door, I see these two guys. Or one guy at least. The other guy, named Mashiro, was some red faced bird man and he was talking with a fellow named Jack. They were arguing over a paper fan. It seems like one guy had stolen it from the others dad or something, but the dad had told him to take it? It didn’t matter to me, this was my house and I’d had enough….Ok, you can do this, Yuudai, you’re tough, you’re mean.

I entered the room and in my most threatening voice said, “who dares enter my domacile…ummm…my domain where I LIVE!”

They both looked at me and from the look on their face I could tell they were a bit worried. They asked me not too attack. No. They BEGGED me not to attack! I think that maybe the guy with the red skin probably wet his pants. In the end I settled their problem. I told them I’d take the fan in trust until they settled their differences. Oh, they tried to to have it another way, but I told them how it was going to be. After that, I marched them straight to the door and told them to leave. Actually, we sat in the kitchen drinking sake and waited out the storm. I mean, I couldn’t just throw them out into the rain.

I’m not sure what this fan does. But it turns out there’s this whole race of bird people called the Tengu and they’re not really happy that I have the fan. The problem is they won’t admit they told Jack to steal it and they won’t pay him either. I don’t know if Jack’s lying, but now it’s sitting in my vault. I wonder if there’s a way to keep people from walking straight into my basement…
Invoke: Resist attempts to persuade him to do other than what he’s promised. To defend the thing/person he’s given his word to.
Compel: Stubborness when dealing with a promise/ unwillingness to compromise. Unwillingness to commit for fear he’ll be forced into something he can’t get out of. Take a promise and be held to it. To have bad things,kharma-wise and power-wise, happen if he breaks a promise.

Yuudai Hayashi

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