Mashiro Akechi

Young Emissary of Power and Prince of the Tengu.



+3: Athletics, Conviction
+2: Stealth, Guns, Lore
+1: Intimidation, Presence, Contact,Endurance

Sponsored Channeling (Tengu Magic) (-2)
Marked By Power (-1)




Name: Mashiro Akechi
High Concept: Young Champion of the Tengu Court
Trouble: Inherited My Father’s Allies and Enemies
Other Aspects:
Big Shoes to Fill, Code of Honor, Born with a Blade in Hand,Fight like a Samurai, Cheat like a Ninja

Description: Mashiro Akechi is a short (5’3") but athletically muscular young man in his mid-twenties, with a pronounced hook nose, piercing dark eyes and hands with calluses and scars from a lifetime of swordplay and martial arts training. His most notable features are an imprinted mark shaped like a white feather in the center of his hair which is usually worn in a ponytail, marking him as the current champion of the Tengu court. His normal attire consists of a black shirt and pants infused with some of magic of the legendary Tengu cloaks allowing it shape shift into whatever form of black clothing the wearer desires ranging from a jacket to a tailored suit or even a pair of pajamas and a pair of geta sandals. On his hands are a pair of rings one made of jade on his right and the other silver on his left. When fully embracing his mantle’s power, instead of just drawing on it merely for physical enhancement or access to magic, his skin tone shifts to bright red and his hair turns white,with his eyes taking on a bright shade of yellow similar to that of a hawk’s.

High Concept: Young Champion of the Tengu Court

Growing up amongst the Youkai has been a series of mixed blessings, as while it’s taught me both combat and magic, different languages like English and given me access to luxury I’d never see otherwise, I’m still learning the in’s and outs of the job, despite having the position for almost 20 years now. Lately I’ve been getting assigned gopher and trouble shooter missions or get stuck babysitting one of Father’s lesser servants. I’ve also seen and done….things that I’ve had horrible nightmares just thinking about let alone actually doing…for example do you know what it’s like to kill and drain a live horse of it’s blood to be made into wine, so the Court’s Kappa doctor will pencil you in for a Tuesday Appointment?.

Invoke: Ignore or be oblivious to insults that might be over his head, getting nice stuff, bonuses to resources and craftsmanship roles regarding creating Japanese magical items as well as lore bonuses regarding making bargains with Yokai or their weaknesses.

Compel: Not too gifted around politics. Getting used as a pawn in peoples’ games. Doing quests/jobs/errands for his father and other members or allies of the court. May be mistrusted by Court members who think his mastery of the English language and taking up residence in San Fransisco has caused him to become Americanized and therefore unworthy of the position.

Trouble Aspect: Inherited My Father’s Allies and Enemies

My dad has existed since before the beginning of Japan’s unification and in that time he’s accumulated a lot of life-long debts and favors, drinking buddies, distant kin, indentured servitors and loyal vassals which he can call in or command for aid in a moment’s notice to help us out. Unfortunately he’s also pissed off, insulted and defied more beings in the time he’s been around as well that have been more than happy to take it out on me through either direct assault or political manipulation. It doesn’t help I’ve made more then a few enemies in my time as court champion either. I’ve learned to watch my back around everyone (even our allies) and to be prepared for betrayal.

Invoke: Used for Contacts, gaining information/informants and equipment or items.

Compel: Constantly getting attacked or manipulated in some shape or form, multiple people, including their allies plotting against him and his father or his court.

Background Aspect: Hatchling Prince
It’s weird how easy, you can can get accustomed to being royalty, as it comes with some [i]serious[/i] perks, including free will, prestige and your own set of retainers. The downside is this usually means that your usually required to follow all sorts of protocol and etiquette, and don’t even get me started on people trying to marry me off to someone, as it’s already happened. Plus there are plenty of beings in the Court who can trump my decisions purely through pulling rank. Also anything related to the Accords is handled by me as well as I’m the new “face” of the Court.

Invoke: Due to his humanity, he has the Free Will to make choices that other members of the court flat out can’t. Enjoys the benefits and prestige of being legitimate royalty around Old World Factions. Has a few dedicated followers and admirers amongst the recently changed Tengu and undecided Scions and other Yokai in the Court .

Compel: Is required to follow protocol and may not stretch the bounds of his place in the court too far. Other members of the court may attempt to pull rank on him. May be required to stand in for his Father in matters regarding the Accords being broken.

Rising Conflict Aspect: Big Shoes to Fill
My father has had many sons and daughters before me who’ve acted as his emissary, including the current favored heir to his throne, who was very Powerful, Honorable, Great Warrior blah, blah, blah…. but that son was murdered. The day of his death was also the day that I was chosen as his replacement. Not that I didn’t love Yosuke but…it’s kind of hard for the runt of the litter to fill shoes this big, you know?

Invoke: When trying to prove himself to his father or attempting to gain more power to avenge his brother’s death and learn more about who caused it.

Compel: When required to perform courtly duties his brother would have had no problem handling or attempting fulfill the many obligations he’d left undone.

Code of Honor

Personal Honor is a big deal amongst my people, and even more amongst Old World Factions, that reside there. I’ve been raised with the belief that my word is my bond and that to swear something on one’s power is a promise that must never be broken. But why limit it to just that, when there’s so many other things that should be upheld simply on principal?.

Invoke: To convince people he keeps his word and to look honest, to convince people to keep their word by forcing them into a deal, knowing if people are honorable or if they are lying and sensing motives in general.

Compel: To give his word, Follows an restrictions given in Honorable combat or Duels. Has a tendency to believe falsehoods that he’s told.

Born with a Blade in Hand

The Tengu have sword collections from all over the world and my teachers have tried to stab me or cut my head off with nearly all of them since I was 6 in an attempt to teach me swordplay. You could say I know my way around them by now.

Invoke: +2 bonus to attack someone with a bladed weapon regardless of origin or his sword of office, capable of drawing a weapon quickly and always has some kind of weapon on-hand or concealed.

Compel: Unwillingness to lay down his weapon,even if specifically required by protocol. Using a blade when other methods might be easier, Makes him have trouble with other attack methods when he doesn’t have his blade.

Fight like a Samurai, Cheat like a Ninja
I fight like a warrior and I’d like to consider myself pretty honorable, having been spoon-fed the concept of Bushido since I was a child but that isn’t the only way to fight, unless I’m in a formal duel, I fight to win.

Invoke: Take advantage of someone’s preconceived notion that samurai can’t stab people in the back… then stab them in the back, bonus to surprise attacks, ambushes, stealth, more bonuses to attack with his katana, has no problem using archaic weapons like bows and arrows or modern ones like guns and grenades.

Compel: Getting him to do something a true warrior might find dishonorable, like breaking into someone’s house, use a samurai technique when stealth might be more suitable, people may not trust him or try to take advantage because they know the Tengu have trained both Ninja and Samurai.

Mashiro Akechi

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