Marlo Malone

An old-school, hard-boiled private eye, who happens to also be a tiny fairy.


Great: Investigation
Good: Contacts, Deceit
Fair: Athletics, Alertness, Guns
Average: Burglary, Empathy, Intimidation, Stealth

Corner Of My Eye (Investigation): Gain a +2 to Investigation when discerning details [Adapted from Corner Of My Eye (Alertness) on YS149]

Wings [-1]: Gossamer faerie wings. [YS165]
Light Source [-0]: Can provide some light to one zone. [OW48]
Glamours [-2]: Use Discipline or Deceit to create veils or illusions. [YS166]
Diminutive Size [-1]: +4 Stealth when hiding. +2 to rolls to discern small details. Endurance doesn’t affect physical track, Might gets gimped, +1 Athletics to dodge, and can only inflict 1 stress in combat (plus weapon values) when size is a factor. [YS163]

Remaining Refresh: 1


] Marlo was a pixie. No “tragically orphaned in mysterious circumstances”, no “raised himself, learning to survive on the streets”. Just a pixie, with a name that happened to sound a lot like Philip Marlowe. In the mid-1950s, some minor talent happened to be gushing about Marlowe-with-a-W in the middle of a drive-in marathon of Bogart movies, and Marlo wound up being drawn there. The rest is history.

High Concept: Pixie Detective Extraordinaire
“The name’s Malone. I’m a private eye. ‘Least, that’s what it says on my office door (hollowed into an oak tree it may be). What people call me is something else again: snoop, flatfoot, rat, and a handful of others less suitable for publication.”
Invoke: When acting as a private-eye or using skills that would be useful for one.
Compel: Force him to actually do his job, or as a means of fae-related restrictions (thresholds, cold iron, etc.)

Trouble: Smallest Fish In The Pond
“Now, I’m no stranger to taking on more than I can chew. But for someone like me, that’s basically everything. Ever faced down a charging housecat, or had to sneak by a poodle on watch? I have, and it tends not to end well.”
Invoke: When hiding or sneaking; when appearing unobstrusive, weak, or humble.
Compel: Flee because he’s going to get his ass kicked; have others disregard him as inconsequential; “Marlo, you’re attacked by a pigeon. Roll initiative”.

Looking Out For The Little Guy
"Nah, I was never interested in pickin’ sides for the Queens. Just a regular Joe, deciding that maybe there were a lot that get caught in the crossfire. A lot of us folk get stepped on pretty bad. I just like to try to help ‘em pick up the pieces.
“You know what, this talk is getting depressing. Someone refill my thimble.”
Invoke: When helping out someone who’s been oppressed or bullied (or general have-nots), or against an oppressor or bully (or general “have”).
Compel: Force him to help out a victim when inconvenient for him and/or the rest of the party.

Hard Boiled
“This city, man, this city. It’ll draw you in like a woman, all mysterious and alluring. Then it breaks your legs and leaves you in the gutter. Also like a woman.”
“I been at this for a long time, kid. A long, long time. You don’t do that without developing a damn thick skin.”
Invoke: Keeping cool under pressure, or something his past experiences in this area would help out with.
Compel: Have violence/corruption/general-noir-shenanigans happen to him; act callous or refuse to help someone out pro bono.

“I Like A Reasonable Amount Of Trouble”
The palooka took another swing at me, but I slipped out of his grasp and spun around him, staying behind his back. He grunted viciously at me. Ogres tend not to be very articulate. ‘You steppin’ on too many toes, Malone," he snarled, looking for where I’d gone. Ogres tend not to be very alert, either. “Better learn to keep your nose to yourself, before someone decides to shut it.” He laughed at that, the little laugh all thugs have when they think they’re funny. Ogres also tend to have terrible senses of humor.
I could easily have just flown straight up, and he couldn’t have chased me. But something decided that running away wouldn’t be enough. I hopped on top of his head, leaned directly in front of his face, and spat in his eye socket.
As it later turned out, not one of my best decisions.
Invoke: When causing trouble for somebody, or in a (reasonably) dangerous situation.
Compel: Have him make some minor mischief, or start a fight he probably can’t win.

Nothin’ Like A Dame
“Why, Mr. Malone!” Peaseblossom gasped. “I simply don’t see what you’re insinuating here!” She had a way of fluttering when she talked; with her eyes, with her voice, with her wings. “I wouldn’t dare give you a case I know you couldn’t handle. I would consider it a very personal favor, and it’ll give you a chance to get out of your office.” I gave her an_ Are we really doing this again?_ look. “Don’t worry, it’s just a simple surveillance job.”
There was more to it, of course. And I knew that. But I would take the case anyway. And she knew that.
Invoke: When helping out a dame.
Compel: Have him get screwed over (in a bad way) by one; help out one to the detriment of the others.

“I Don’t Trust You, I Trust Your Pizza” (paraphrased from “We didn’t believe you. We believed your $200” from The Maltese Falcon)
“Let her go, Kex!” I shouted from across the rooftop. The imp only cackled some more, bringing his iron sewing needle closer to Cobweb’s neck.
“Little fairy told a lie!” he giggled, grinning like a madman. “A lie she told to you and I! Little fairy, all aglow! Forgot her debts to Down Below!”
I probably should’ve had some thoughts about that, but at the moment all I could see was the terror in Cobweb’s eyes. I drew my gun. Kex dropped her and raced forward with the needle, but I was faster, and a better shot. By the time the ectoplasm had dried up, I had gotten Cobweb to her feet, and she still looked like she was about to cry.
“You’re not angry with me?” she asked, “For hiding the truth?”
I sighed. “For that pack of saltwater taffy, you could’ve been the lost Queen of Spring. Now let’s get you home.”
Invoke: When detecting lying or ambushes, or maybe improve his physical performance due to a sugar high from his last payment.
Compel: Do the job he’s paid to do, not the one he wants to do; not trust someone who’s being earnest; have a client deceive him (may fall under Hard Boiled)

Anything Else Worth Noting:
He’s got a Weapon:2 pistol (human-sized, non-iron alloy) that he knows how to use; he lives in an apartment/office carved into the base of an old oak tree in one of the city’s parks. There’s a “PRIVATE EYE” logo on the door, but he’s capable of creating a seeming to hide the door from curious onlookers. The bulk of his work is done for local pixies or other supernatural small-fries, and he’s usually paid in junk food. Where he is, what he does, and how to hire him is common knowledge among the local supernatural have-nots, if only for the novelty value of a pixie detective. His allies are the local pixies (including Peaseblossom, his on-again off-again “it’s complicated”), usually former clients and occasionally some clued-in human whom he’s helped out. He doesn’t have any enemies to speak of, in the sense that he’s simply below the notice of most people who would care.

Marlo Malone

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