Jimmy Wu

A young, attractive, fun-loving, Chinese American Kung Fu action star... with a demon possessed sword.


High Concept: “Wielder Of The Edge of Darkness”
Trouble: “Battling My Inner Demons”
Other Aspects: “A New Day For The Old Way” “Maturity Is Overrated” “B-Movie Badass” "When In Doubt, Act” “With Friends Like These…”

Physical: OOO
Mental: OO
Social: OOOO
Hunger: OOO

Skill List:
4-Great: Presence
3-Good: Athletics, Rapport
2-Fair: Empathy, Performance
1-Average: Discipline, Endurance, Contacts, Deceit, Stealth, Alertness

[-1] Everything… Is Kung Fu The reverse of Footwork, YS 152.Move the Brawling trapping of Fists to Athletics.
[-1] Weapons Drill Modified version of Armed Arts, YS 152.You may use Athletics instead of Weapons when wielding a Sword or Staff.

[-3] Edge of Darkness

Adjus*ted Refresh:* 1

Equipment: Fully Restored 1978 280Z
Extensive wardrobe
1900 sqf flat in Chinatown (2nd story)
Collection of Bruce Lee Memorabilia
Collection of Chinese Weapons
Movie Posters for all of his own films


Jimmy Wu is a young, energetic, fun loving and yes.. a bit cocky movie star. He has a forceful personality and is very charismatic. He’s great with people, even if a lot of it is an act. He’d much rather be around a close group of friends than a mob of fans, but somewhere deep inside he feels he needs the validation their approval gives him. His martial arts style is fast and almost acrobatic, which translates well to the silver screen. He’s been compared to every major kung fu star, but his most rabid fans insist he’s the next Brue Lee.
He’s somewhat insecure when it comes to his chinese heritage. While he believes in the ideals he has a hard time reconciling them with the modern world. This often leaves him uncomfortable with his own people, either finding them too western for his tastes, or fearing that he’s not Chinese enough for them.
Ting is an especially troubling puzzle for Jimmy. He represents the best of their shared heritage with his honor and bravery, and yet is also hidebound and traditional. His Shaolin skill and powers are nothing short of spectacular… and yet they seem to go against the harmony of mind, body, and spirit that are at the heart of Jimmy’s own training.
He’s new to fighting demons and the supernatural community as a whole. He’s become accustomed to the idea of different races and magical powers, even if he’s unsure of his place in the supernatural community. Some seem to fear him because of the blade he carries, and sometimes he scares himself as well. He’s unwilling to relinquish the blade however… despite all the dangers he feels as if he’s doing something worthwhile for the first time in his life. He doesn’t want to lose the blade and go back to being just plain old “Jimmy Wu.”


High Concept:
“Wielder Of The Edge of Darkness”
Ever since taking up the ancient sword known as the Edge of Darkness, James Wu has led a double life. One life in the public, where he is a rising action star and local businessman. And another in the shadows, where he stalks and kills foul creatures that prey on the people of San Francisco. And while the sword he uses was meant for the greater good, it houses a powerful evil; one that others would seek out for themselves. And thus Jimmy finds himself playing a most dangerous game, one where he is both the predator… and the prey.
Invoke: When hunting or fighting demons. As an intimidation bonus when dealing with demons.
Compel: To have the sword unavailable, to have others come after the sword, to have supernaturals react negatively due to the demonic aura of the sword.

“Battling My Inner Demons”
Growing up poor, Jimmy had to work and do chores while many of his friends got to play. He resented this, and his parents tried to teach him how to deal those feelings properly. Instead he just learned how to hide it better. He began to feel to feel anger at being poor, and shame at the fact that he couldn’t live up to the person his parents wanted him to be. His self doubt became much worse when his parents died, and while he constantly strives to live up to the those ideals, he is also questioning his worth and struggling with his own self image. This was probably a major reason he sought out the fame and adulation that came with being a celebrity, some some how assauge his own self doubt.
On top of that he literally has demon in his head, or at least trying to get into it. Now he can never be sure whether or not what he’s feeling is natural or some sort of manipulation from the entity inside the sword. An insidious attempt to twist him into doing something, or becoming someone, he ordinarily wouldn’t.
Invoke: Jimmy’s whole life has been a struggle, and while he doesn’t always win he’s no stranger to the fight. Invoke to use his inner reserves to fight off temptation, or mental contest.
Compel: to have the demon try to manipulate him, to have his emotions or poor self-image surface, to have him turn (return) to booze or drugs to cope with his issues.

Background: Chinese-American Ghetto
“A New Day For The Old Way”
San Francisco China town may have been famous, but many of the Chinese that lived there or nearby lived in poverty… or pretty damned close to it. This meant rundown buildings, lack luster city services, minimal police presence and a healthy dose of crime and violence. It was not a nice place, but it was home. Many of Jimmy’s friends got caught up in drugs, gangs or other vices.
His family did their best to instill in him traditional values, and keep him from vice. The Ideals of honor, reputation, and kindness didn’t not seem to fit into the world he lived in… and most people ignored them altogether. He used to watch old Wuxia movies with his father, and the Code of Xia did excite him, even he found himself often falling short of its ideals.
He knew those those ideals would only be effective if people believed in them however. In Jimmy’s mind they needed to adapt with the times rather than force people to conform to them. He became convinced there was a new way, a blending of the values his people had carried throughout their history with the needs and realities of the modern world. Bruce Lee’s concept of Jeet Kune Do further galvanized Jimmy’s belief that there was a better way… he just had to find it.
Invoke: To know something about his people’s heritage, when doing the right and honoroable thing.
Compel: to cause issues with the older chinese people who think he’s forgetten the past, or problems with young chinese people who think he’s too hidebound and traditional. For him to have issues with tradition or law.

Rising Conflict: Overwhelming Success
“Maturity Is Overrated”
They say breaking into the business was hard, but for Jimmy all it took was a single video getting posted to the internet. It featured Jimmy getting ‘attacked’ by a bunch of his friends, and defeating them with speed, skill, and no small measure of style. The video immediately went viral, many of the online fanboys proclaiming him the next Bruce Lee. A local studio producer saw the video and cast him as one of the primary villians in a dystopian ‘cyberpunk’ aciton movie, Fusion Fist. The movie became a cult classic, with Jimmy’s character being loved as much, if not more so, than the star of the movie, Vincent Yang.
Things only sped up from there for Jimmy. They were only ‘B’ movies, but he was constantly on set and constantly being treated like a big deal. Kung Fu flicks might have been a niche market, but the fans were rabidly loyal, and his name was getting around in San Francisco, so he was becoming a local celebrity if not a mainstream one. Needless to say, it all went to the young man’s head. Used to the frugal necessities of somebody who grew up fairly poor, he blew through his money as fast as he could get it and partied enough for three people.
Even when he invested his money in the local community, he did so without any research. Most of the businesses he’s a partner in are still struggling, despite the influx of Jimmy’s cash. He has a nice apartment and a bunch of cool stuff, but he’s now cash poor, with little money to live off of from month to month. But what does he care? There’s always another film to shoot, another party to go to, and famous people always get free stuff. Right?
Invoke: As a social bonus with the party crowd, when trying to have somebody underestimate him
Compel: To have him be broke because he blew all his money, to have him considered frivoulous

Bright Lights, Dark Nights
“B-Movie Badass”
While filming Fusion Fist 2, co-stars James Wu and Vincent Yang go out for a night on the town. When Jimmy wakes up Vinnie is gone and a ransom note was left in his place. The studio execs refuse to pay the ransom and are ready to recast Vinnie’s part because production is already three weeks behind schedule. With nobody else to turn to Jimmy goes to see the Shadow Tigers himself. He quickly finds out that beating up an entire bar full of gangers is not as easy as the movies make it look.
Battered and bloody he returns to the set, only to have the execs place a pair of security guards to keep him from leaving again. One of the extras, Yuudai Hayashi, sneaks into his trailer and offers to front the cash if he can tag along on the rescue attempt. The pair make the exchange, but the weakened Vinnie tells them the Shadow Tigers are going to buy weapons that will help them take control of San Francisco’s criminal underworld.
Jimmy and Yuudai race off to stop the Shadow Tigers only to find them summoning a demon. The pair barge in and break up the ritual, knocking out the summoner. The demon breaks free and Jimmy is forced to grab a nearby sword in order to fight the creature off. That action is what leads to Jimmy’s victory that night, but perhaps his ultimate downfall as well.
Invoke: When trading on his celebrity or reputation as a Badass. When calling upon his very real martial arts training.
Compel: As good as he is, he’s not as good as the movie’s make him out to be. To have others believe that he’s all hype or challenge him with the idea of making a name for themselves. To have his fans recognize him at an inopportune time or other famous people disregard him as a D List celebrity.

Redemption Run Rampant
“With Friends Like These…”
James Wu was relaxing on set after hours when a strange man approached him. He was instantly wary, which shouldn’t be surprising given some of the recent events he’d taken part in. The man identifies himself as Ting Lao, and warns Jimmy that a group of supernatural criminals were gunning for him.
That didn’t sound as shocking as it would have a few months ago, but before the action star has a chance to ready himself an assault team of Tengu burst through the door. Jimmy can immediately see that Ting had been taught the Old School of Kung Fu, with all the rigid adherence to forms that implies. The man had clearly received exceptional grades however, as evidenced by the way he started knocking heads.
Without the sword, Jimmy is forced to fight more evasively as the Tengu come after him, battling his way accross the massive ‘cavern’ set of the movie’s climactic finale. He finally makes his way to his sword and the Tengu shriek and back off a bit as he brandishes it. The Kung Fu Kid of San Francisco is about to exact some revenge when a voice orders the Tengu to back off. James sees Ting with the Japanese man who was in charge of the demons, who he later learns is called Mashiro.
Ling had told Mashiro that Jimmy was no threat to the Tengu and gave the man his word of honor. Mashiro, turning the situation to his advantage, went on to convince his father that Jimmy and the sword might be a useful pawn in the Tengu’s ages old conflict against the Oni.
Invoke: To call upon his contacts to get something, find somebody, or obtain information, legal or otherwise.
Compel: Those favors usually come with a catch owever. Everybody wants something from Jimmy. Use to have people try to get something from him, to have his ‘trusted’ aides try to pull one over on him.

A Midsummer Nightmare
“When In Doubt, Act"
New to his ‘second’ job hunting evil in the city at night, James is unsure of what to do when the sword seems to detect demons all across the city. After chasing down dead end after dead end he runs into Pixie Private Eye, Marlo Malone. The diminutive detective knew where to find the one behind it all and wanted to join forces; but Jimmy didn’t think he needed help and left the gumshoe in the dust.
He was quickly proven wrong however, when he found the warehouse guarded by humans… not demons. The humans were quick to take advanage of Jimmy’s unwillingness to cut them to shreds and he had to make quick getaway. Marlo found him again, bruised and slightly battered, and far more agreeable to the Pixie’s plans.
Marlo’s magic mojo get’s them passed the goon guards and Jimmy has the chance to square off against the demonologist and his pet demon. The creature was lightning fast and could walk on walls, and it was all Jimmy could do to not get himself killed. It was only the unlikely arrival of one Mashiro Akechi (who was investigating on his own) and the timely intervention of Marlo’s illusions that allowed Jimmy to prevail, a fact the faerie flatfoot has yet to let him live down.
Invoke: When seizing the initiative in a situation, when bluffing his way through on confidence alone
Compel: To have James act impulsively, or to hide the fact that he doesn’t know what to do.


Movie Credits:
Fusion Fist
Reign of Blood
Trigger Man
Live by the Gun
Fusion Fist 2
Righteous Blade

Jimmy Wu

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